Develop a local legacy of technical expertise, superior craft, and unique client experience in Central Oregon’s fabrication industry

Arc Asylum’s mission is to harness the power of practical problem solving, design ingenuity, and business fundamentals that we bring to the love of fabrication craft. Seeking to do all projects through proper planning, technical expertise, and the application of industry specific solutions across all projects. Applying the commercial to the creative. Applying craft to the commercial. Taking skyscraper solutions to the pickup bed racking. We conduct business with the singular focus of providing organized, accurately executed, worldly fabrication solutions.

Define.   Design.   Deliver.



Fabricator, builder, designer Monty Kurtz brings twenty years professional expertise and an efficient methodology to execute your vision. Monty has worked on skyscrapers, cruise ships, airplane part production, Apple stores, paper mills, and more. He has worked for large structural steel contractors, small custom builders, prototype inventors, fabrication shops, and a metrology lab. His varied experience and hands on ability to execute lends itself to guaranteeing you, our customer, a professional experience.

With a background in custom woodworking and disaster restoration project management, Rob Markwick brings to Arc Asylum a practical perspective. Rob is no stranger to working the million late nights, making the difficult client phone calls, and putting in the extra effort to get his work done professionally: on budget and on time. His commercial and residential construction expertise expands the CCB work that Arc Asylum offers its clients.


Licensed Contractor
Certified Welders
Certified Solidworks
Professional Project Managers
Motorcycle Madmen